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Changing your home style and make it look like new is easier than changing residence. Renew your home in the simplest way by replacing your old windows with any of the wide range of finishes from Kömmerling windows, adding not only a new decorative style, but also safety and comfort to you and your loved ones.

No doubt, it is your window for many reasons: design, safety, quality, saving, comfort, assurance, adaptability, innovation, functionality, financing and service.

Kömmerling windows provide the perfect climate as they are insulating, both thermally and acoustically. Cutting-edge enclosures that preserve and protect your home privacy. The ideal solution to ensure comfort and well-being in your home. It offers a wide range of profiles and finishes that perfectly fit any decorative or working criteria. There is no need to change residence to enjoy a fairly new home. Redesigned just like you want it by replacing the old enclosures with a stylish window.

Guarantee and Financing
Kömmerling fabricates its windows from using PVC as raw material. A material fully adaptive and functional to any style or architecture context, high durability, resistant, ecological and 100% recyclable. Its finishes range from natural white to wood effects. Alfox brings to your home your Kömmerling windows, a world leader brand in its sector, with a countless variety of possibilities and certified guarantee.
Quality of product and service installation are the values that set us apart from the rest.

Guarantee Commitment in All Our 10 Year Windows
Alfox also makes it easier to acquire your windows offering tailored financing in the best conditions, as per estimate and subject to prior credit card company acceptance. Please, do not hesitate in requiring your non-binding quotation.