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Fully glazed system, allowing to enjoy panoramic views when closed. New! Veranda 150 (Enhances Brightness) up to 6,50 m. no additional beam. Glazed by custom static calculation.

Glazed spaces provide the greatest sense of brightness possible and largely contribute to achieve a high well-being feel. Our high-quality materials offer countless design options. Likewise, TF-120 roofing system can be combined with the TM-120fixed roof, rotating sliding enclosures or any type of enclosure.

Technical Information
- Simple or double-glazed transparent fixed roof, full transparency.
- Luminosity and sun control, simple or double-glazed tinted glass fixed roof with polycarbonate or methacrylate.
- Panel sandwich fixed roof, maximum insulation and countless finishes.
- Finishes in numerous colours and wood effect.
- Standard colours RAL 9010 white and RAL 9006 silver.
- 5 m extension without central support. Glazed by custom static calculation.
- Optional: various types of awnings available, external or internal.