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Glass Cortains FX25

FX25 Glass Curtains

Glass Only

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Transparency at its best. Folding systems that make every house different and more attractive.

FX25 system, glass only, slides through double ball bearing with axles in stainless steel, no wear nor maintenance. The folded sheets take up minimal space. With the FX25 system, vertical frame free, you will have a panoramic, unobstructed view in your balcony or porch, expanding your life space.

Special Features
- Wall coping with snug-fitting seal on glass edge.
- Rail for routing condensation or cleaning water to the outside.
- Optionally the floor track can be recessed.
- Ventilation through gaps between glasses.
- Glass thickness available in 8 and 10 mm depending on the aesthetic needs.
- Brush with PVC film at top and bottom for added airtightness.
- Wear and maintenance-free fittings.
- Double safety by screwed and bounded glazing.
- Double locking.
- Noise reduction of up to 17dB.
- Tempered safety glasses according to DIN 18516-4.
- Optional sheet closure with handle with lock.

Application Areas:
- Terrace enclosures.
- Cafes and restaurants.
- Shop passages.
- Shop unit or indoor distributors.
- Balconies and porches.